Portrait (english)

With up to 20-minute show Daniel Hochsteiner offers a professional star’s appearance. The charismatic tempo juggler, was distinguished with many artiste’s prices, among the rest, of the gold medal with the 1st festival vaudeville theater you music Resounding in Paris and the gold medal in the Nationwide Circus Korea, the special price of the circus-world festival in Wuqiao, China, as well as many other prices on international circles. He juggles with seven tennis-balls in each case, to five tennis racquets, eight struggle, five clubs, everything primes from spirited, South American-Spanish music. The unique numbers which form the climax of every show.

Completely after the motto: with hard work to the success Daniel Hochsteiner already discovered his talent at the age of 8 years and did in the course of the years his hobby the occupation. He himself calls himself obsessed – and differently one cannot call his presentation which the audience gets here between admiration, enthusiasm and undevoutness about tempo and skill hin-and also.

Among experts the most-excellent tempo juggler counts as a «King of the jugglers».

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